Instruments Cleaning and Sterilisation Instructions

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Instrument Cleaning & Sterilization Instrument Cleaning All instruments need to be cleaned and dried prior to being sterilized. If not done immediately after rinsing, instruments should be submerged in a solution of water and neutral PH (7) detergent. For micro and delicate instruments, use manual cleaning. •  Ultrasonic Cleaning o Instruments should be processed in a cleaner for the full recommended cycle timeusually 5 to 10 minutes. o Place instruments in open position into the ultrasonic cleaner. Make sure that “Sharp” (scissors, knives osteotomes, etc.) blades do not touch other instruments. o All Instruments have to be fully submerged. o Do not place dissimilar metals (stainless, copper, chrome plated, etc.) in the same cleaning cycle. o Change solution frequently – at least as often as manufacturer recommends. o Rinse instruments after ultrasonic cleaning with water to remove ultrasonic cleaning solution.  •  Automatic Washer Sterilizers o Follow manufacturers’ recommendations but make sure instruments are lubricated after last rinse cycle and before sterilization cycle.  •  Manual Cleaning o Most instrument manufacturers recommend ultrasonic cleaning as the best and most effective way to clean surgical instruments, particularly those with hinges, locks and other moving parts. If ultrasonic cleaning is not available observe the following steps. § Use stiff plastic cleaning brushes (nylon, etc.) § Do not use steel wool or wire brushes except specially recommended stainless steel wire brushes for instruments such as bone files, or on stained areas in knurled handles. § Use only neutral PH (7) detergents because if not rinsed off properly low PH detergents will cause breakdown of stainless protective surface and black staining. High PH detergent will cause surface deposit of brown stain, which will also interfere with smooth operation of the instruments. § Brush delicate instruments carefully and, if possible, handle them totally separate from general instruments. § Make sure all instrument surfaces are visibly clean and free from stains and tissue.
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