ML317 EOG Pod Operating Instructions

Operating Instructions

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"%*/4536.&/54 ML317 EOG Pod Pod Series Description The ML317 EOG Pod is a signal conditioner designed to record horizontal and vertical eye position and movement. The device features a manual DC offset and is supplied with three shielded lead wires with snap-on connectors.  System Compatibility The EOG Pod connects to any PowerLab hardware units with Pod ports (8-pin DIN inputs). PowerLab and MacLab (except 4s, 8s and 16s) units without Pod ports require the ML305 Pod Expander. The EOG Pod is supported by the following versions of Chart and Scope software: WINDOWS  MACINTOSH  • Chart v3.4.8 or later • Scope v3.6.3 or later  • Chart v3.6.3 or later • Scope v3.6.3 or later  Note: Earlier software versions do not support Pods.  Accessories The Pod is supplied with three snap-on connector shielded lead wires which snap connect to conductive (Ag/AgCl) adhesive electrodes (MLA1010).  Applications The EOG Pod is used to measure and display eye movement and position. In the human the EOG Pod can be used in the measurement of saccadic and pursuit eye movements. It is ideal for use in undergraduate teaching laboratories.
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