GORILLA STERLISERS Quick Reference Guide

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Gorilla Sterilisers – Quick Reference Guide The Sterilisers are programmed to blow down the Steam Generator each night and start an Auto Warm Up cycle each morning. The Generator blow down will occur at around midnight unless the steriliser is in use, any loads still in the chamber will not be harmed during the blowdown. The steriliser will then shut down (deep sleep) until the Auto Warm Up starts around 6.30am. Loads that remain in the chamber during the warm up must be discarded. One steriliser will remain off on the weekend. Auto WarmUp A warm up cycle is not a sterilising cycle, sterilising parameters may not be achieved, When releasing the Warm Up the steriliser will prompt you to enter a code to acknowledge you are aware of this.  Items in the chamber after an Auto Warm Up cannot be regarded as sterile On completion of the Auto Warm Up the following screen appears with the message; (*a dark screen indicates “screen saver mode” touch screen to activate.)  “warning you have not run a sterilising cycle”  “Warm up Acknowledged”  Click on  Click on the number box  Enter code  3000 and press Enter key  Click on  “Confirm”  The cycle now must be recorded on Instacount Open & Close a Warm Up cycle using the scanner, the link number will not be shown on the screen it can be obtained when you start the next cycle (Bowie Dick) Link as a 4 digit number eg; G2/2341 and Release cycle 1
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