BL Tip Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use

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BL Tip  INSTRUCTION FOR USE INTRODUCTION  B&L's BL Tips are used for conventional or micro endodontic treatment using a microscope, locating the concealed orifices and removing the secondary and calcified dentin inside the cavity or pulp stones. Unlike the conventional diamond-coated endodontic tips, BL tips have integrated sharp abrasive micro-projections into its main body to ensure longevity of its abrasiveness and its biocompatibility.  < Conventional Endo Tips with Diamond Coating >  < B&L's BL Tip >  Tip Category  Compatible Ultrasonic scaler  A (ex: BL-1-A)  SATELEC  Recommended Intensity 20~30% of the maximum  E (ex: BL-1-E)  EMS  10~20% of the Maximum  Since all the available BL Tips are intricate in their details and to be used exclusively for the root canal treatment, they should be used with extreme care and the intensity should be set to the low setting depending on the dental ultrasonic unit. The recommended intensity level: 10% - 30% of the maximum intensity.  INTENDED USE  The BL Tip non-surgical ultrasonic tips installed to the dental ultrasonic scaler hand-piece is used for removing dental calculus or dentin.  INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE ① Install the appropriate tip to the hand piece of the ultrasonic scaler by using the wrench. Do not use excessive force to tighten the tips. ② After BL tip is installed to the hand piece, please make sure the water is being sprayed through the water sprout prior to use. ③ BL tips are designed to remove the targeted dentin by applying either vertical or horizontal vibrational motion and energy. Please avoid applying excessive lateral and apical pressure. ④ Please avoid direct contact with the metal or ceramic restorative materials with the tip.  CLEANING AND STERILIZAION Be sure to sterilize the tip according to the guideline below. ① Use a mild detergent and an ultrasonic washing machine. ② Be sure to dry the tips completely before cleaning and sterilization. ③ Sterilize the tips at a minimum of 135°C(275°F) for 3 minutes using an autoclave. ④ Avoid contacting other instruments after sterilization. ① Please use the appropriate water spray level and use the lowest possible intensity to remove dentin following the recommendation on the previous page. ② Both the operator and the assistant should wear protective mask and surgical gloves at all times to ensure an aseptic surgical field. ③ A modified pen grip should be used to hold the hand piece by tightly stabilizing it with fingers. ④ When removing dentin with the tip, do not use excessive force to avoid the tooth fracture and crack. ⑤ Please contact the tooth surface with the tip intermittently. Avoid excessive removal and heat generation by contacting the tooth surface continuously for more than several seconds.  SYMBOL DESCRIPTION Date of manufacture  Sterile using steam or Dry heat  Attention, See instruction for use  CE certificate logo  Batch or Lot code  Europe Representative  Manufacture  Emergo Europe Molenstreet 15, 2513 BH, The Hague, The Netherlands Tel. +31 70 345 8570 Fax. +31 70 346 7299 B&L Biotech USA, Inc. 225 City Avenue Suite 107, Bala Cynwyd, Philadelpia PA, USA 19004 Tel : +1 (877) 452-2651
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