Switch-Blade laparoscopic scissors Assembly and Disassembly Guide

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Assembly and disassembly of Switch-Blade laparoscopic scissors  ®  ®  Snowden-Pencer surgical instruments  Assembly  Disassembly  1. Remove tip from sterile packaging.  1. Close blades.  2. Ensure blades are closed and protective clear cap is on.  2. Replace protective clear cap on scissors.  3. Close handle. Grasp instrument shaft.  3. Grasp the instrument shaft. Do not grasp the handle.  4. Thread the tip onto the shaft, turning clockwise, and tighten by hand.  4. Unthread tip from shaft in a counterclockwise motion. Spread handle rings.  5. Remove and save protective clear cap.  5. Pull tip off in straight motion from the shaft. Do not bend the tip down as this can damage the shaft of the instrument.  6. Open handle until audible “click” is heard.  “click”  6. Discard scissor tip in accordance with hospital policy. 7. Perform visual inspection of blades to confirm blades will move by opening and closing the handle and verifying the connection.  7. Open handle for visual inspection of actuating rod.  8. Ensure ball is not damaged.  Think Blue for ergonomics, versatility and durability. Next generation Snowden-Pencer instruments all have ergonomic blue handles. For more information or to place an order, please contact your V. Mueller /Snowden-Pencer sales representative, call customer service at 800.323.9088 or visit ®  © 2011 CareFusion Corporation or one of its subsidiaries. All rights reserved. V. Mueller, Snowden-Pencer and Switch-Blade are trademarks or registered trademarks of CareFusion Corporation or one of its subsidiaries. VM0929 (1111/500)  CareFusion Waukegan, IL  Catalog no.  Description  SP90-1053  Reusable handle and shaft, 36cm  SP90-1253  Reusable handle and shaft, 45cm  89-5103  Disposable curved METZ scissor tip  89-5303  Disposable curved mini-METZ scissor tip  89-5115  Disposable straight scissor tip  These instructions are intended as a reference. Please read the complete Instructions for Use that come with the Switch-Blade scissors for more detailed directions.
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