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MC2 and Isolite Hoses Instructions Sept 2011


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➇ ➈  Hoses MC2 & Isolite  fig. 1  fig. 2  Do not sterilise  Instruction  0120  REF 2100017-ENG/09.11  English Medical devices entirely made in Switzerland by Bien-Air Dental SA.  To keep the surface of the hose in good condition, it is advisable to periodically wipe the complete length of it with a cloth dusted with talcum powder. Never immerse in disinfectant solutions.  Type Electric micromotor hose with revolving connector for use with the MC2, the Isolite 100 and 300, with or without light. Quality hoses straight or coiled, in black, grey or white. Standard length 1.7 m or special lengths up to 3 m. Intended use Product intended for professional use only. Use in dentistry for prophylaxis, general dentistry and endodontic work. Technical data and assembly Classification Class IIa, «active medical devices», as per section III «Classification», Rule 2 of Annex IX to European Directive 93/42/EEC, namely: «Non-invasive devices intended for channelling liquids or gases for the purpose of administration into the body, which may be connected to an active medical device in Class IIa». Fitting Keep the initial alignment of the leads and conduits unchanged. Place the back-up ring ➇ in the locking area fig. 1. Tie the security string ➈ fig. 2. Description fig. 3 - 4 ➀ Ø 1.5/2.5 mm air spray (small white) with “A” or (blue) ➁ Ø 1.5/2.5 mm water spray (small white) with “W” or (green) ➂ Ø 1.5/2.5 mm motor cooling (small white) or (transparent) Ø 2.8/4.1 mm ➃ (+) red: motor ➄ black: motor ➅ (+) brown: bulb ➆ (0V) blue: bulb ➇ back-up ring ➈ security string (if existing) Accessories O-Ring joint REF 1300414-010. Changing the Oring joint fig. 5. The split ring REF 212.65.01 fig. 6 is required only for connection to an MC2 IR or GTAV motor fig. 7-8. Connection (without the split ring) to an Isolite electric motor fig. 9-10. The conical piece fig. 11 can be useful for connecting the cooling tube to the Unit tube ➆ fig. 12. Maintenance Non-sterilisable Cleaning Carefully clean all surfaces with a cloth impregnated with Spraynet, fig. 13. Disinfection Disinfect using a clean cloth soaked in a suitable product. Products containing acetone, chlorine and bleaches are not recommended as disinfectants. REF 2100017-ENG/09.11  Not suitable for ultrasonic bath. Transport Temperature between -40°C (-40°F) and 70°C (158°F), relative humidity between 10% and 100%, atmospheric pressure 50 kPa to 106 kPa (7.3 to 15.3 psi). Information The technical specifications, illustrations and dimensions contained in these instructions are given only as a guide. They may not be the subject of any claim. The manufacturer reserves the right to make technical improvements to its equipment, without amending these instructions. For all additional information, please contact Bien-Air Dental SA at the address indicated on the back cover.  fig. 3  REF 1300414-010  fig. 4  fig. 5  REF 212.65.01-001  MC2 IR & MC2 GTAV REF 212.65.01-001  Other precautions for use The device must be used by a qualified person in accordance with the current legal provisions concerning industrial safety, health and accident prevention measures, and these working instructions. In accordance with these requirements, the operators: • must only use operating devices that are in perfect working order; in the event of irregular functioning, excessive vibration, abnormal heating or other signs indicating malfunction of the device, the work must be stopped immediately; in this case, contact a repair centre that is approved by Bien-Air Dental; • must ensure that the device is used only for the purpose for which it is intended, must protect themselves, their patients and third parties from any danger, and must avoid contamination through the use of the product. The device is intended for medical treatment only; any use other than that for which this product is intended is unauthorised and may be dangerous. The medical device meets all the current legal requirements.  fig. 6  fig. 7  MC2 IR & MC2 GTAV  Isolite  fig. 8  fig. 9  Isolite  fig. 10  The device is not authorised for use in an explosive atmosphere (anaesthetic gas). Recommendations It is essential to use dry, purified compressed air in order to ensure the long working life of the device. Maintain the quality of the air and the water by regular maintenance of the compressor and the filtration systems. The use of unfiltered hard water will lead to early blockage of the tubes, connectors and spray cones.  fig. 11  A  B  Rest the device on a suitable support to avoid risks of infection for yourself, the patient or third parties. Only use maintenance products and components from Bien-Air Dental. The use of other products and components can void the guarantee. fig. 13  1/2
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