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Firesafe Nozzle Instructions for Use Feb 2013

Instructions for Use

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Instructions for Use Firesafe™ Nozzle  Intended Use The Firesafe™ Nozzle is a thermal fuse designed to stop the flow of oxygen in the event that the downstream PVC tube is ignited. In doing so, the fire in the PVC tube is inclined to extinguish because PVC will not normally burn in air. The Firesafe™ Nozzle is fitted directly to the outlet of each oxygen delivery device, typically an oxygen flowmeter or the outlet of an oxygen concentrator. Several models of Firesafe™ Nozzle are available to suit different types of connection.  Style Part Number  Bayonet 827-0011  Threaded 827-0021  DISS – 9/16” UNF 827-0031  Device Specification Maximum Flow Typical Resistance to Flow  25 l/min 1 kPa at 2 l/min 2 kPa at 5 l/min 16 kPa at 15 l/min  (1)  (2)  Maximum Static Operating Pressure  1000 kPa  (3)  10 ml/min  (4)  5 ml/min 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F) -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)  Maximum Internal Leak  Maximum External Leak Operating Temperature Transport and Storage Temperature  (1) Typical performance of the DISS version, other figures available on request. (2) Likely upstream system pressure following activation of a Firesafe™ Nozzle (3) Leak through the Firesafe™ Nozzle after full activation. Full activation may not occur at oxygen flow rates of less than 0.7 l/min; consequently, the internal leak rate may exceed the maximum value under very low flow conditions. (4) Leak from the Firesafe™ Nozzle body after full activation.  Warnings! •  Read through this entire manual before installing this Firesafe™ Nozzle. As with all medical equipment, attempting to use or install this device without a thorough understanding of its operation and limitations may result in patient or user injury.  •  Oxygen is not flammable but the presence of oxygen will drastically increase the rate and severity of combustion. Oil and/or grease in the presence of oxygen become highly combustible. Do not use oil or grease on this device. In particular, do not lubricate the seals or hose barb connector.  •  Never administer oxygen or undertake oxygen therapy while smoking or when near an open flame.  Cautions! •  Do not install this device near an open flame or near a source of excessive heat that is likely to exceed 50°C (122°F).  •  The performance of this device cannot be guaranteed when used at flow rates outside of those given in the device specification.  •  This device offers a resistence to flow; consider the impact of this impendance on the system when installing the device.  702-0047.6 EN  No smoking  Consult Instructions for Use  Use no oil  CE Marked to Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC modified by directive 2007/47/EC  Attention, consult accompanying documents  Manufacturer  BPR Medical Ltd, 22 Hamilton Way, Mansfield, Nottingham, NG18 5BU, UK  February 2013
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