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Blanketrol CoolRepeat Instructions for Use Rev 2

Instructions for Use

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English  CoolRepeat® CoolRepeat is a connectivity solution that allows for patient temperature information from an indwelling patient temperature probe to be communicated to the Blanketrol cooling/warming system and a patient monitor. Patient / Thermistor  CAUTION: When using Accutrol Catheter please refer to IFU.  CONSOLE BATTERY INDICATOR  MONITOR  CoolRepeat®  NOTE: UNPLUG ALL CONNECTIONS WHEN NOT IN USE. REPLACE BATTERY WHEN LED IS FLASHING RED.  106724-001 Rev 1  Patient Monitor  THERMISTOR  Blanketrol Console  1.  Connect preattached cable from Blanketrol CoolRepeat to stereo input on top right side of Blanketrol console.  2.  Connect cable from Blanketrol CoolRepeat “monitor” output to temperature input on patient monitor.  3.  Connect extension cable from Blanketrol CoolRepeat “thermistor” output to patient temperature probe.  4.  After connecting all cables, attach Blanketrol CoolRepeat below cable input on body of Blanketrol console; internal magnets will ensure it remains in place.  NOTE: • After connecting device, please wait 30 seconds before initiating therapy as device will proceed with automatic self-test at start up; device ‘turns on’ when thermistor is connected. 106726-001 Rev. 2
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