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Blanketrol III Quick Reference Guide Jan 2020

Quick Reference Guide

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Blanketrol III ®  Quick Reference Guide  First fill the reservoir with sterile water or water that has been passed through a filter of less than or equal to 0.22 microns, and then attach hose per operations manual. To start operation of the Blanketrol® III, plug in the device to a hospital grade outlet. Then turn on the Blanketrol® III, by pressing the power switch to the “ON” position.  WARNING Exceeding 40°C water temperature for extended periods can cause tissue damage and burns. Clinical judgment should be used to determine the safe maximum contact periods based on patient age, clinical condition, and current medications. Depending on the extent and severity of a burn, very serious and even fatal complications may arise.  MANUAL CONTROL: Control of Water Temperature 1	Set water temperature by pressing “Temp Set” button, then press either the “Up” or “Down”arrow to raise or lower the SETPOINT temperature. 2	Press the “MANUAL CONTROL” button 3	Patient temperature must be monitored even if patient does not have a temperature probe. * Remember that the water will not change from set point related to patient’s temperature AUTOMATIC CONTROL: Control of Patient Temperature 1	Insert, then attach 400 series probe into esophagus or rectum and verify placement per hospital/institutions policy. 2	Plug probe into probe jack on side of unit. While in Auto, Gradient or Smart Mode, probe must be in place for unit to function. 3	Set desired patient temperature by pressing “Temp Set” button, then press either the “Up” or “Down” arrow to raise or lower the SETPOINT. 4	Press “AUTO CONTROL” button. * This Mode is used for rapid temperature management. The water will warm (as high as 42°C) and cool (as low as 4°C) as quickly as possible to get the patient to goal temperature. MONITOR ONLY: Patient Temperature Monitor 1	Must be used with patient temperature probe to function. 2 Press the “MONITOR ONLY” button. * While in the “MONITOR ONLY” mode, the unit does not circulate water.  Technology to the next degree™
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