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Blanketroll II Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide

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BLANKETROL II TROUBLESHOOTING OBSERVATION A. The power switch of the BLANKETROL II unit is set "ON" but does not light, control panel is blank.  POSSIBLE PROBLEM Unit is unplugged  No line voltage B. Each time the BLANKETROL II unit is set "ON", it snaps to the "OFF" position.  C. The power switch is set "ON" and lights up green, but the control panel is blank/inoperable.  D. The power switch is set "ON" and lights up green. The Celsius/Fahrenheit indicator, and the Status display light but the switches are inoperable.  The circuit breaker built into the power switch is tripped.  Defective bridge rectifier The transformer circuit breaker at the electrical box is tripped. The cable(s) between the power board and the micro-processor board are disconnected. All three cables from the unit to the power board are disconnected. The 10-pin cable from the unit to the board is disconnected. The 9-pin cable between the microprocessor board and control panel is disconnected.  PAGE 1 OF 7  ACTION TO BE TAKEN Check that the power cord (3prong plug for 115/100 VAC units and appropriate ground plug for 220/240 VAC units) is plugged into a properly grounded hospital grade receptacle. Check for possible short in electrical system. Check amperage at switch. a. If the amp reading is less than 15 amperes, the circuit breaker may be defective. b. If the amp reading is greater than 15-20 amperes, check the amp reading of the compressor and the heater. c. Check for short in unit. Replace bridge rectifier. Reset the circuit breaker. If it continues to trip, replace circuit breaker or transformer. Reconnect the 6-pin, and/or the 24-pin connector cable.  Reconnect the 10-pin, 10-and 6-pin connectors.  Reconnect the 10-pin cable.  Reconnect the 9-pin connector.
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