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AssistArm Knee Attachment AA-K600 Instructions for Use Rev AB July 2022

Instructions for Use

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AssistArm™ Ankle Attachment  AssistArm™ Ankle Attachment (AA-A700)  Reference documents for joint use Item Number  Device Name  Document  n/a  n/a  Instructions for Cleaning, Inspection and Sterilization  AA-PSN100  AssistArm™ Surgical Positioner  AssistArm™ Surgical Positioner Instructions for Use  AA-CON250  AssistArm™ Connector  AssistArm™ Connector Instructions for Use  AA-TRAC400  AssistArm™ Traction Unit  AssistArm™ Traction Unit Instructions for Use  © CONMED Corporation. 2022  - 1 / 468 -  025-401-1001  Rev AB  07/2022
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