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Babyleo TN500 Step by Step Cleaning Guide

Cleaning Guide

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How to clean the Dräger Babyleo TN500 Cleaning in 5 steps  !  Please complete all cleaning practices according to your hospitals guidelines. This document is for informational purposes only. Refer to the instructions for use of the device for full disassembly, cleaning and disinfecting instructions.  Prerequisites: There is no patient in the device.  3  Starting the automatic humidifier cleaning: •  Open the hood.  •  On the Main menu touch the Special procedures...  •  Open the Humidifier cleaning tab.  •  Touch the On button and confirm with rotary knob.  •  Wait until the humidifier cleaning is complete. This can take up to 60 minutes. Do not disassemble the device during cleaning.  •  Switch off the device and let it cool before continuing.  Surface disinfection cleaning for:  4  Machine cleaning and thermal disinfection for:  Each part removed during disassembly.  •  Hood and access panels from inside and outside.  •  grommets  X-ray flap air ducts (1): clean by pulling a piece of cloth soaked in disinfectant through each duct.  •  fan impeller  1)  • •  !  Please turn the page for assembling and dissambling.  • •    2  5  Display, main column, trolley, handles and all outer parts. Drawer from outside and inside including insert piece.  Only use disinfectants as listed in the instructions for use. Make sure no liquid penetrates into the device.  Ensure all surfaces are dry before using for therapy.  90 50 645 | 16.07-1 | Marketing Communications | HQ | © 2016 Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA  1
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