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Babytherm 8004-8010 Cleaning Guide April 2020

Cleaning Guide

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How to clean the Dräger Babytherm® 8004/8010  Cleaning in 5 steps  !  Please complete all cleaning practices according to your hospital’s guidelines. This document is for informational purposes only. Refer to the instructions for use of the device for full disassembly, cleaning and disinfecting instructions.  Prerequisites: There is no patient in the device. All accessories are removed and power supply is unplugged. Allow radiant warmer to cool down for 30 minutes. Please turn the page for Clean mattress: disassembly. • Wipe gel mattress (Babytherm 8010) with  1  2  disinfectant. Do not use glucoprotamin-containing disinfectants (e.g. Incidin Plus, Incidin Extra or Incidin Foam).  3  !  Surface disinfection cleaning for: •  Each part removed during disassembly.  •  Bed frame, side panels, inside walls.  •  Bed surface, Mattress, X-ray tray and X-ray tank, Bed canopy, Scale-Tronix® 4002-BT, Stand, including all attachments and accessories.  •  Wipe off visible soiling with a disposable cloth wrung out in a detergent.  •  Clean all surfaces and parts thoroughly and make sure to clean all holes and indentations.  •  To remove difficult spots or stains, Dräger recommends the use of a soft bristle brush or microfiber cloth.  4  5  SoftBed foam mattress (Babytherm 8004): Clean and wipe with disinfectant as required and after every change of patient. If it becomes heavily soiled, the cover may be machine washed at 95° C. Tumble dry up to 95° C. The mattress may become contaminated in exceptional cases.  Place silicone grommets in disinfectant bath: •  After immersing for the prescribed time, rinse with clean water and dry.  •  Then wash with a detergent and rinse with clean water; or sterilize at 120° C (glove program).  Before next use: •  Wipe with a cloth dampened with water (preferably drinking-water quality).  •  Ensure all surfaces are dry.  Only use disinfectants as listed in the instructions for use. When cleaning the Phototherapy filter glass lenses, only use products with a pH value between 7 and 9. Make sure no liquid penetrates into the device.  PDF-10384 | 20.04-1 | Marketing Communications | CC | © 2020 Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA  •
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