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Babytherm 8004 and 8010 Service Mode Sept 1999

Service Mode

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Dräger Medizintechnik  DrägerService Mode  1    General Information About the Configuration Mode (CM)/ DrägerService Mode (DSM)  The Configuration Mode (CM) and the DrägerService Mode (DSM) are displayed on the LCD of Babytherm 8004/8010. In the Configuration Mode, the customer can initiate tests c01 to c08 and the error memory (Err). The DrägerService Mode (DSM) consists of the error memory (Err), tests c01 to c08, and d01 to d22. The DrägerService Mode is intended for use by the DrägerService technicians.  1.1  Abbreviations  Abbreviation  Explanation  but  Key test  CFI  Device configuration  CON  Contrast setting of the text display  DSM  DrägerService Mode  HEA  Mattress heater/radiant heater  LAN  Language version  Nuc  Nurse call  PFS  Power failure switch  rEL  Relay of the mattress heater / relay of the radiant heater / relay of the phototherapy / relay of work lamp 1 / relay of work lamp 2  Sde  Maximum skin temperature deviation  1.2  Response in the Event of a Technical Fault  For internal use only. Copyright reserved.  GBR6132300SM1.fm 8.9.99  If the Babytherm 8004/8010 detects a technical fault, the corresponding message is displayed on the 7-segment display (skin temperature display). All tests can be initiated normally even if there is a technical fault.  6132.300 Babytherm 8004/8010  08/99  DrägerService Mode  Page 3
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