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How to clean the Dräger Caleo®  !  Please reprocess the device according to your hospital’s guidelines. This document is for information purposes only. Please refer to the device instructions for use for complete disassembly, assembly, cleaning and surface disinfection. Only use disinfectants as listed in the instructions for use. Ensure that no liquid enters the device.  Prerequisites: There must be no patient in the device. Allow device to cool for 30 minutes prior to disassembly.  1  Surface disinfection for: • • • •  Disassembly ►  Basic device/trolley All disassembled parts Hood and side walls (interior and exterior) X-ray valve air channels: Pull a cloth soaked in disinfectant through each air channel  Set the incubator to the lowest position.  2  C  lose and remove the transfer set.  Machine cleaning and thermal disinfection: • Grommets • Fan impeller • Water tank (option)  Before starting use, ensure that all surfaces are dry and free from disinfectant residues. 3  Remove sterile water bag or water tank (option).  16 Connect water tank  or sterile water bag.  4  Remove upper double wall and continuous seal.  15 Apply continuous seal and  refit upper double wall.  18 Set the incubator to the  desired working height.  5  Remove hood.  14 Refit hood.  17 Connect and open  the transfer set.  6  Cleaning mode.  13   ◄ Assembly
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