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Carina Device Check Guide This is a quick reference guide for the Carina to check for readiness. The readiness for operation of the device must be tested before use with a patient each time The following functions are tested: – LEDs, displays and alarm tone – Upper alarm limit Paw – Lower alarm limit Paw  Action  Observe  Assemble all the necessary equipment  Bacterial/viral filter, Patient Hose System, Drager Test Lung  Turn the Carina “ON”  Carina performs a self test, LED’s light up and alarm tone is given  Check if the breathing circuit attached is the same as the circuit type displayed in the status line  LeakV  Check if the set patient interface is displayed in the status line  NIV (Mask Ventilation) Tube (Invasive ventilation)  Make the following settings Mode: PC - SIMV Pinsp: 15cmH2O PEEP 5cmH2O FiO2 21% RR: 13/min Ti /I:E Ti = 2 sec, I:E = 1:1.3 Ramp 0.2 sec Press “Select Menu” button then “Alarms”, adjust the following PAW 20cmH2O MV High 15L/min MV low 4L/min 25 RR (High) Tdisconn 0 Press the “Start/Standby” Start/Standby” button to commence ventilation.  The test lung should inflate rhythmically. The pressure graphic should rise to 15cmH2O  Compress the test lung completely several times during inspiration on 2 consecutive breaths so that the alarm limit PAW high is exceeded.  When the PAW is exceeded the first time the breath will be interrupted, on the second breath the alarm “Airway Airway Pressure High!!!” High!!! is displayed.  Disconnect the test lung.  The audible alarm sound “Airway Airway Pressure Low!!!” Low!!!  Reconnect the test lung. Warning! This “Quick Guide” is not a replacement for the Instructions for Use. For full information concerning the performance characteristics of the Dräger devices described in the Quick Guide, each user must carefully read and fully comprehend the Instructions For Use before operating the respective device. Page 1 of 2
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