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Carina Non Invasive Ventilation Guide


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Carina Non Invasive Ventilation Guide This is a guide to initial setting which can be considered for use with the Carina Non Invasive ventilator. The attending clinician must validate the appropriateness of using these setting and adapt to the patients requirements as deemed necessary. Any operation of the device requires thorough knowledge of the instructions for use  Required Equipment:        Carina with correct patient Hose Set and filter. Carina connected to Oxygen gas supply Fully charged battery and or connected mains power. Carina set for “Mask” Ventilation Non Vented NIV mask Recently performed device check  Ventilation start up Press the power button ion the rear of the Carina  The self test screen will appear , the LED’s will light and an alarm will sound.  The Carina will go into Stand By mode  Changing Modes (Fig. 1) 1. 2.  3.  Press the grey button B Use the Rotary knob to select the desired mode; Spn-CPAP/PS PC-AC PC-SIMV/PS VC-SIMV/PS Confirm your selection with the rotary knob.  Fig 1  Changing Parameters (Fig. 2) 1. 2. 3.  Press button A that corresponds to the parameter you would like to alter Use the Rotary knob to adjust to the required value Confirm your selection with the rotary Knob.  Adjust clinical setting as per patient requirements (suggestion PTO)  Warning! This “Quick Guide” is not a replacement for the Instructions for Use. For full information concerning the performance characteristics of the Dräger devices described in the Quick Guide, each user must carefully read and fully comprehend the Instructions For Use before operating the respective device. Page 1 of 1  Fig 2
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