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Dräger Carina® Software Update - 3.20  D-14047-2010  The new software 3.20 considers special requirements of patients and medical personnel  INVASIVELY VENTILATED PATIENTS  The new software offered by Dräger now provides pressure support in all SIMV modes. For the first time, clinicians can select pressure support for the controlled respiration modes PC-SIMV and VCSIMV. Through this additional function, the Carina® recognises when the patient is able to breathe spontaneously and actively supports this. GREATER MODE CONSISTENCY BETWEEN DRÄGER VENTILATOR PRODUCTS  Spn - CPAP mode and SPN – PS mode are now combined as one mode Spn – CPAP/PS to be consistent with the Oxylog, Evita XL, Savina 300, and the Evita V series devices. EXTENDED ALARM MANAGEMENT  Software 3.20 minimizes unnecessary alarms. Alarm functions are essential to ensure that the medical personnel are aware of critical situations. The alarm management of the Carina® Software 3.20, which has been specifically adapted to NIV requirements, can reduce warning signals to those that are strictly medically necessary. Frequent false alarms do not only put an unnecessary burden on the caregiver, but may also worsen  patient motivation for the therapy. During mask ventilation, leakages may lead to false alarms however the SyncPlus®functionality of the Carina®, which continually compensates the varying leakages, aids in reducing these additional alarms. AUTOADAPT TM FUNCTIONALITY  With the new AutoAdaptTM function, the Carina® can be set to gradually adjust breathing pressure. This is designed to assist with the tolerance and cooperation of the patient. Often the clinician initially sets a low pressure level, and gradually increases it manually during the respiration process, resulting in frequent back and forth to the ventilator. In contrast, AutoAdaptTM automatically completes this task after a configuration of the start settings and a selected adaption time between 5 and 120 minutes. This may reduce the therapy effort. AUTO WAKE-UP FUNCTION  The new Auto wake-up function enables the patient, even after a long interruption, to start the Carina® from stand-by mode with the first breath and continue with the respiration therapy. The Carina® does not have to be restarted manually.  D-733-2009  PROVIDES MORE SUPPORT FOR NON-  Dräger. Technology for Life® Dräger is an international leader in the fields of medical and safety technology. Our products protect, support and save lives. Founded in 1889, in 2012 Dräger generated revenues of around EUR 2.37 billion. The Dräger Group is currently present in more than 190 countries and has about 12,500 employees worldwide. Please visit www.draeger.com for more information.
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