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Evita Infinity V500 Instructions for Use Sw 2.n Edition 9 April 2016

Instructions for Use

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Operation  Help Closing Help  WARNING Risk of operating error   Touch the (F) button.  The Help function is not a substitute for the instructions for use. The instructions for use must be observed to ensure safe operation.  Opening Help in the dialog window The Help function can also be opened in the following dialog windows: – Ventilation settings – Special maneuvers > Nebulization – Special maneuvers > Maneuvers  The Help function can be configured as a button in the main menu bar to enable direct access. See "Assigning functions to additional buttons" on page 179.  Ventilation settings  Opening Help  GH   Touch the Help... button in the main menu bar. Help  F 171  A B C D E   Touch the  button (G) in the dialog window.  The appropriate section of the Help is displayed. Closing Help (G) or the (H) button in the dialog  318   Touch the window. The following buttons are available in the Help dialog window: – Home (A) to open the start page – (B) to scroll back – (C) to scroll forward – Content (D) to open the table of contents – Index (E) to open the index  Touch the appropriate button.  106  Instructions for use Infinity Acute Care System – Evita Infinity V500 SW 2.n
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