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Evita V800 and V600 Instructions for Use sw 1.n Edition 2 Dec 2019

Instructions for Use

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Operating concept  No. Designation 16 Help 17  Action buttons  18  Stop ventilation  Description Button for opening the help function. The start page with the table of contents is displayed. For direct access to a function or to open a dialog page, action buttons can be configured (see "Selecting the action buttons", page 191). Button for ending the therapy.  Stop O2 therapy Therapy bar No. Designation 19 Other modes 20 21  22 23 24  Tabs Therapy controls  Description Button for opening the pick list with additional ventilation modes and changing the therapy type. Button for displaying the description of the selected ventilation mode. Button for opening the SmartCare dialog. The current SmartCare settings are displayed in an information field next to the button. For additional information, see the instructions for use for SmartCare. Button for opening the Advanced settings dialog. The active settings are displayed next to the button. Selecting the ventilation mode Displaying and setting the ventilation parameters of the relevant ventilation mode  Monitoring area No. Description 25 Display of parameters in the following areas: – Waveform fields – Parameter fields For further information see: "Changing the display", page 56.  ,QVWUXFWLRQVIRUXVH_Evita V800 / V6006:Q  
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