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Masimo SpO2 and rainbow Sensor Connectivity Guide Jan 2017


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Masimo SpO2 and rainbow® Sensor Connectivity INFINITY PATIENT MONITORS  PATIENT-WORN MONITORS  M540  Gamma XL (VF6, VF7) Masimo SET MCable MS20667  Masimo rainbow® SET MCable MS27003***  +  Gamma X XL/Vista XL (VF6, VF7, VF8)  Masimo SET Pod MS16358  Delta/Delta XL/Kappa (VF6, VF7, VF8)  Masimo SET Pod MS16358  Masimo SET Pod MS16356  +  *  * or  + MP00800 1.2 M MP00797 3.0 M MP03194 4.3 M  MP02988 1.2 M MP02989 3.0 M MP03208 4.3 M  MS33738 1.5 M MS33739 3.6 M  MS33736 1.5 M MS33737 3.6 M  MP02974 1.2 M MP02975 3.6 M  MP02991 1.2 M MP02992 3.0 M MP03196 4.3 M  MS24303 1.2 M MS17522 3.0 M  MP02994  + MS33732  MultiMed Plus MS20093 2.5 M MultiMed Plus OR MS20094 2.5 M  MS18683 1.2 M MS17330 3.0 M  RD-SET Sensors for SpO2, PLS, PI, PVI**  M-LNCS Sensors for SpO2, PLS, PI, PVI**  ReSposable  Disposable  Disposable  Disposable  ReSposable System R2-20 MP03200  Adhesive R2-25a MP02997  Adhesive R2-20a MP02998  Reusable R2-25r MP03201  Reusable R2-20r MP03202  Reusable  rainbow R25-L rainbow R25 MP02961 MP02959  rainbow DC-I MP02971  rainbow R20-L rainbow R20 MP02962 MP02960  rainbow DC-IP MP02972  SpHb  * Requires Nellcor sensor software setting. **PVI works only with Masimo rainbow® SET MCable. ***Order via MS27900.  SpCO  SpCO  Reusable  RD SET Adt MS33726  RD SET Pdt MS33727  RD SET Inf MS33728  RD SET Neo MS33729  RD SET NeoPt MS33730  RD SET DCI Adt MS33740  RD SET DC-IP Pdt MS33741  M-LNCS Adtx MP02976  * or  +  rainbow® Sensors for SpO2, PLS, PI, SpMet, SpOC, PVI and SpHb or SpCO  ReSposable System R2-25 MP03199  Infinity M300  MP03195  + MS33733  M-LNCS Inf MP02978  M-LNCS Neo M-LNCS NeoPt MP02979 MP02980 M-LNCS Trauma Sensors Sensors are only for use with Masimo SET (not via MultiMeds) Trauma M-LNCS Adt, Ped/Inf, Neo MP03204 Trauma M-LNCS Inf/Ped MP03205 Trauma M-LNCS Adt MP03206  + 3368433 1.0 M 3375834 2.0 M  MultiMed 5 5950196 1.5 M 3368391 2.5 M MultiMed 6 5191221 2.5 M  MultiMed 12 5589663 3.0 M  LNCS Sensors for SpO2, PLS, PI, PVI** Reusable  M-LNCS Pdtx MP02977  *  Disposable  Reusable  LNCS DC-I MP00796  LNCS DC-IP MP00795  LNCS NeoPt MP00794  LNCS TC-I MP00788  LNCS TF-I MP00799  LNCS Trauma Sensors Sensors are only for use with Masimo SET (not via MultiMeds) Trauma LNCS Adt MP03191 Trauma LNCS Adt, Ped/Inf, Neo MP03192 Trauma LNCS Inf/Ped MP03193  LNCS YI MP00789  LNCS DBI MP02993  M-LNCS DC-I M-LNCS DC-IP MP02981 MP02982  LNCS Adtx MP00790  LNCS Pdtx MP00793  M-LNCS TC-I MP02983  LNCS Neo MP00792  M-LNCS YI MP02984  M-LNCS TF-I MP02985  M-LNCS DBI MP03207  LNCS Inf MP00791  2017.01-4
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