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Oxylog family Supplement Additional alarms Edition 1 May 2016

Supplement Additional alarms

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Supplement  Oxylog family de  Ergänzung, Seite 2  ru  Дополнение, стр. 16  en  Supplement, page 3  pl  Suplement, strona 17  enUS Supplement, page 4  cs  Dodatek, strana 18  fr  Supplément, página 5  sk  Dodatok, strana 19  es  Suplemento, página 6  sl  Dodatek, stran 20  it  Supplemento, pagina 7  hu  Kiegészítés, 21. oldal  ptBR Suplemento, página 8  hr  Dodatni dokument, stranica 22  nl  Aanvulling, pagina 9  ro  Supliment, pagina 23  da  Tillæg, side 10  sr  Dodatak, stranica 24  no  Tillegg, side 11  bg  Приложение, стр. 25  sv  Tillägg, sida 12  el  Συμπλήρωμα, σελίδα 26  fi  Lisälehti, sivu 13  tr  Ek, sayfa 27  lt  Papildymas, 14 psl.  zh  增补 , 第 28 页  lv  Papildinājums, lappuse 15  ko  부록 , 29 페이지  ja  補足文書 , 30 ページ  WARNING To properly use this medical device, read and comply with the instructions for use and this supplement.  Additional alarms
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