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Primus Family Basic Skills Checklist ver 1.0 Dec 2010

Basic Skills Checklist

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Basic Skills Checklist Primus  Name: Hospital: Unit: Date:  This Checklist is intended to provide a record of training received. It focuses on the Dräger Medical product referenced and related concepts. It is not intended as a substitute for the Instructions for Use. It does not address issues of medical practice or clinical judgement related to the use of this product.  Training Received		  Skill  Start up device as in an emergency (discuss use of safety O2) Switch on Prepare the device for self test using checklist Run self test and explain Run leak test with vaporiser Select carrier gas, O2 concentration and adjust fresh gas flow Demonstrate SORC (Hypoxic guard function) Explain standby screen Demonstrate manual ventilation and use of APL valve Demonstrate activation of ventilation modes, adjustment of relevant parameters and process to change ventilation modes Adjust alarms Return to Man/Spont Demonstrate use of fresh gas outlet Return to standby Switch on monitoring mode and discuss its use Switch off the device Change consumable items and discuss frequency Disassemble breathing system ready for cleaning and disinfection  Trainer signature User signature  Version 1.0 Reference Number ATT007
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