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Alarm Messages

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Alarm Messages  Ventilation monitoring  Alarm Messages Ventilation monitoring Upper airway pressure limit First pressure limit  For internal use only. Copyright reserved.  R5664900FL2.fm 03.12.01  Cause: 1.  The patient fights the ventilator or is coughing.  2.  The inspiration tube is kinked or obstructed.  3.  One or both pressure sensor(s) deliver(s) too high a measured value.  4.  The pressure source delivers a pressure that deviates from the set pressure.  Detection: 1.  The measured value of the inspiratory pressure sensor Pinsp(t) exceeds the value of the upper airway pressure limit Paw-high + offset.  Dräger Medizintechnik GmbH  Alarm Messages Savina Version 2.0  Page 1
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