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Savina Error Message Codes List Sw 2.0

Error Message Codes List

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Error List  General  Error List General Reading out and transmitting the error list using the service laptop The development and design department needs the requested data (refer to TSB no. 8) for product monitoring and improvement purposes. The sender will not receive any reply to his/her e-mail.  All rights reserved. Copyright reserved.  R5664900_Error_List_L1.fm 13.01.03  If you need support with the troubleshooting, you can also contact the service product responsible. 1.  Connect the Savina to the laptop (”RS232 extension”, and ”RS232 adapter, crossed”).  2.  Switch on the Savina and, at the same time, press and hold the backlighting dim-up/dimdown key and the "Config" key until the audible signal sounds and the service mode is activated.  3.  Press the control knob to activated test ”0”.  4.  Switch on the laptop.  Dräger Medical AG & Co. KGaA  Error List Savina Version 4.0  Page 1
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