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07 ED FloTrac Inservice AR02702  9/6/07  12:25 PM  Page 1  Edwards FloTrac Sensor Setup 1 Open FloTrac sensor packaging and inspect contents. Replace all caps with non-vented caps and ensure that all connections are tight.  6 Pressurize the Pressure Bag until it reaches 300mmHg.  2 Remove the FloTrac sensor from packaging and insert into an Edwards Lifesciences mounting back-plate that is secured on an I.V. pole.  9 Connect the bedside monitor’s arterial pressure cable to the white cable connector on the FloTrac sensor.  3 To de-air and prime I.V. bag and FloTrac system: Invert NaCl I.V. bag (anticoagulation per institution policy). Spike I.V. bag with fluid administration set, keeping drip chamber upright. While keeping I.V. bag inverted, gently squeeze air out of bag with one hand while pulling flush tab with the other hand until air is emptied from I.V. bag and drip chamber is filled half-way.  10 Connect tubing to arterial catheter, then aspirate and flush system to assure no residual bubbles remain.  4 Insert I.V. bag into the Pressure Bag and hang on I.V. pole (do not inflate). 5 With gravity only (no pressure in Pressure Bag), flush FloTrac sensor holding pressure tubing in upright position as the column of fluid raises through the tubing, pushing air out of the pressure tubing until the fluid reaches the end of the tubing.  7 Fast-flush the FloTrac sensor and tap on tubing and stopcocks to remove any residual bubbles. 8 Connect the green FloTrac connecting cable to the green capped connector on the FloTrac sensor. Then connect the opposite end of the cable to the connection labeled “FloTrac” on the back of the Vigileo monitor.  11 Level the FloTrac sensor to the phlebostatic axis. Note: It is important to keep the FloTrac sensor level to the phlebostatic axis at all times to ensure accuracy of cardiac output. a. Open the stopcock to atmospheric air. b. Highlight the upper left Cardiac Output frame using the navigation knob on the Vigileo monitor. Select Zero Arterial Pressure, then select and press Zero. c. Zero the arterial channel on the bedside monitor. 12 Cardiac output will display within 40 seconds and will update every 20 seconds thereafter. 13 Inspect arterial pressure trace on bedside monitoring screen or the waveform confirmation screen on the Vigileo monitor.
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