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FloTrac System Stroke Volume Optimization Quick Guide

Quick Guide

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FloTrac System Stroke Volume Optimization % Change in Stroke Volume (∆SV) is a sensitive method for assessing preload responsiveness on all patients. Monitor Stroke Volume 200 – 250 ml Fluid Challenge Over 5 – 10 min* YES  SV Increase >10%  YES  NO  SV Reduction >10%  Monitor Stroke Volume for Clinical Signs of Fluid Loss  NO  Oesophageal Doppler-guided fluid management during major surgery: reducing postoperative complications and bed days. NHS Technology Adoption Centre. January 2012. *A passive leg raising maneuver over 1-2 min. can also be used as a fluid challenge Monnet X, Teboul JL. Passive Leg Raising. Intensive Care Med. 2008 Apr; 34 (4): 659-63.  Stroke Volume Variation Optimization Stroke Volume Variation (SVV) is a reliable indicator of preload responsiveness on control-ventilated patients with no icon displayed Not meeting perfusion requirements Volume Responsive SVV>13% Yes Volume Challenge  No  SVI Normal (40-50)  SVI Low (<40)  SVI High (>50)  Pressor  Inotrope  Diuretic  McGee WT, A Simple Physiologic Algorithm for Managing Hemodynamics Using Stroke Volume and Stroke Volume Variation: Physiologic Optimization Program. J Intensive Care Med. 2009 Nov; 24 (6): 352-60.
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