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HemoSphere Setup Guide v 1.0

Setup Guide

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Edwards PediaSat Oximetry Catheter Edwards Oximetry Central Venous Catheter HemoSphere Advanced Monitor Setup guide  Oximetry setup 1. C  onnect the HemoSphere oximetry cable to the left side of the HemoSphere advanced monitor (A). to turn 2. Press the power button on the HemoSphere advanced monitor. All functions are accessed through the touch screen.  HemoSphere advanced monitor (A)  3. Select Continue Same Patient or New Patient and enter new patient data (patient ID, gender, age, height, and weight). 4. O  pen side 1 of the oximetry catheter tray, exposing only the optical connector (B). Be careful not to contaminate tray contents in side 2. 5. Insert the optical connector of the catheter “TOP” side up into the oximetry cable and snap the enclosure shut (C). 6. T  he HemoSphere oximetry cable must be calibrated before each monitoring session.  Optical connector (B)  Oximetry cable enclosure (C)
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