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Vigilance Monitor Abbreviated Instructions for Use

Abbreviated Instructions for Use

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Edwards Vigilance Monitor Continuous Cardiac Output (CCO), End Diastolic Volume (CEDV) and Mixed Venous Oxygen Saturation (SvO2) Abbreviated Instructions for Use To Begin SvO2: 1. Connect catheter to optical module. Connect optical module to Vigilance Monitor. 2. Press SvO2 on blue touch bar. 3. Select IN VITRO CALIBRATION on the touch bar. 4. Use the CURSOR key to select HGB (hemoglobin) OR Hct (hematocrit). • Use default value or enter lab value using touch bar. 5. Press the CAL key. 6. Remove catheter from tray. 7. Flush catheter; check balloon. 8. Insert catheter in PA. 9. Press START SvO2. To In Vivo Calibrate SvO2: 1. Press SvO2 on blue touch bar. 2. Confirm catheter position and SQI before performing - Press IN VIVO CALIBRATION. 3. Press DRAW, after checking SQI of 1 or 2. 4. Slowly draw waste sample and discard, slowly draw lab sample and send for analysis by co-oximeter. 5. Use the CURSOR to select value, enter lab results using touch bar. 6. Press CAL. To Transport SvO2: 1. After reconnecting patient cable and optics module to the Vigilance Monitor, wait 20 seconds, press SvO2 on touch bar. 2. Press TRANSPORT. 3. Press RECALL. (Note: Calibration data must be less than 24 hours old.) To Start CCO and CEDV Readings: (CEDV parameter will only be displayed if using a CCO/CEDV catheter and the patient’s ECG is being slaved into the Vigilance Monitor.) 1. Connect thermal filament and thermistor connections on catheter to patient cable. 2. Press CCO STOPPED to begin CCO and CEDV monitoring. To Configure Computer Screen (from Home Screen): 1. Press SET UP to change display format (temperature units, international units, time format, alarm volume, indexed/non-indexed values). • Press CURSOR to highlight format selection. • Once highlighted, press CHANGE to select desired parameters. • Press CONFIGURE PARAMETERS to change what is displayed in lower left corner of Home screen. • If using CEDV, choose from 1 of 6 groups using touch bar. • Press HOME to enter and return to Home screen. 2. Press ALARMS to set alarms. • Press ALARMS ON/OFF to toggle the alarms suspended function. • Press CCO, SvO2 or CEDV on the touch bar. • Press HI/LOW and use touch bar to select desired limits. • Press HOME to return to HOME screen or RETURN to select other alarm parameters. 3. Press TREND to set trend time scale or to change graphic displays. You may choose up to 3 trend parameters. • Use touch bar to select desired time interval from 30 minutes to 24 hours. • Press EVENTS to mark intervention. - Use touch bar to select desired event. • Press SELECT GRAPH to select desired parameters and scale for Graph 1 or Graph 2 or Graph 3. (Note: CCO/CCI will be predetermined by selection in SET UP).
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