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Vigilance Monitor CCO and SvO2 Abbreviated Instructions for Use

Abbreviated Instructions for Use

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Edwards Vigilance Monitor Continuous Cardiac Output (CCO) and Mixed Venous Oxygen Saturation (SvO2) Abbreviated Instructions for Use CCOmbo Catheter Length: 110 cm Size: 7.5 F Recommended Introducer Size: 8.5-9.0 F Shelf Life: 18 months  CCOmbo VIP Catheter Length: 110 cm Size: 8 F Recommended Introducer Size: 9.0 F  The Swan-Ganz CCOmbo and CCOmbo VIP Catheters and Vigilance Monitor provide the traditional parameters of the Swan-Ganz catheter with the addition of continuous cardiac output and mixed venous oxygen saturation monitoring.  PA Distal Port Balloon Inflation Volume • Appropriate inflation volume is 1.25 – 1.5 cc  VIP Port 777F8, 777HF8 • 30 cm from tip  •Transduce distal lumen – proper waveform is PA  Thermistor •4 cm from tip •In main body of PA  Proximal Injectate Port • 26 cm from tip • Located in RA or SVC • If incorrectly positioned in introducer sheath, Bolus CO measurement will be erroneously high due to reflux of injectate within introducer • Transduce Proximal Injectate Lumen – proper waveform is RA or SVC  Thermal Filament • 14 – 25 cm from tip • Rests between RA and RV • Should be free floating and avoid endocardial surface • Erroneous CCO measurements may result if beyond pulmonic valve Note: Assess patient physiology. Atypical physiology and heart size may require special handling.  The Swan-Ganz CCOmbo and CCOmbo VIP Thermodilution Catheters Model 744HF75 and 746HF8
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