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Vigileo Monitor Operator’s Manual Addendum Oct 2013


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Operator’s Manual Addendum  Vigileo Monitor Cardiac Output/Oximetry Monitor This addendum describes the following updated functionality: • • • • • • • •  Change to Stroke Volume Variation algorithm Addition of 12 and 18 hours to the Graphical Trend Time Scale Trend data USB download in Excel format Addition of Intervention Analysis capability Additional Event Types Trend data retention up to 24 hours after power down Addition of HP OfficeJet H470 support Low battery alert red text “Service Required” message displays in the Time/Date Frame  Stroke Volume Variation - Updated The Stroke Volume Variation algorithm has been updated to filter aberrant beats that are usually the result of arrhythmias. This results in SVV being a more reliable indication of fluid responsiveness during arrhythmias and a reduction of associated warnings presented on the Vigileo monitor. If the filtering capability is exceeded, the SVV Filtering Exceeded Indicator (yellow heart icon) will appear next to the SVV parameter on the Vigileo monitor, indicating that SVV should not be used as an indication of fluid responsiveness. Graphical Trend Time Scale The Graphical Trend Time Scale selection list now includes 12 and 18 hours. European Alarm Frequency Vigileo monitors that are not configured to the English (U.S.) or Japanese language will sound an audible tone for 3 segments every 3 minutes whenever an alarm is disabled in one or more of the fixed frames (CO/Oximetry Frame). Trend Data Retention Trend data will remain in the database up to 24 hours after the monitor is powered down. After 24 hours, the data will expire.  Edwards Lifesciences  1
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