Modular Handles and Reusable Inserts Instructions for Use

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1 2 3 4 5 6  Movable Handle Fixed Handle Cleaning Access Guide Pin Handle Screw Luer Port Cap  Instructions for Use:  (shown covering the Luer Port)  7 8 9  Shaft Insulation Rotation Slide Ratchet (Slider)  Endoplus Modular Handles and Reusable Inserts  Modular Slide Lock Handle  1 Jaws 2 Linkage Mechanism 3 Actuation Rod 4 Threaded Clevis 5 Ball  1 Fixed Handle 2 Movable Handle 3 Cleaning Access 4 Handle Screw 5 Monopolar Post  6 Nonconductive Luer Port Cap (shown covering Luer Port)  7 Shaft Insulation 8 Rotation 9 Ratchet Lever  All Other Modular Monopolar and Steel Handles  Reusable Insert  Intended Use: Hand held Laparoscopic instruments are intended for grasping, cutting, dissecting, retracting, clamping, biopsy, and/or caute rization of tissue. The devices are used in conjunction with a laparoscope during laparoscopic procedures. Instruments should be used only by personnel completely familiar with their opera tion. Using an instrument improperly for a task which it was not intended may result in a damaged or broken instrument. Contraindications: • Do not activate the electrodes during use if laparoscopic electrosurgical techniques are contraindicated. • DO NOT USE if use if laparoscopic methods have been contraindicated. Supplied Contents: Modular Handles and Reusable Inserts are sold separately. F-7.15.2 Rev D  Page 1
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