ERBECRYO 2 Quick Guide July 2016

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QUICK GUIDE ERBECRYO® 2 !  This quick guide is no substitute for briefing and user manual. This quick guide does not include any safety notes. Make yourself familiar with the safety notes in the user manuals.  Necessary operating steps 1 Opening the gas bottle  5 Checking the function and seal of the instrument  VWHULOHZDWHURU 1D&OVROXWLRQ DSSUR[Ɠ&  1. Immerse the instrument tip to a depth of approx. 5 cm. 1. Open the bottle valve. 2. Check the seal of all connections. No gas may escape.  2 Switch on the device  2. If bubbles develop during immersion, eliminate the bubbles by moving the instrument tip back and forth quickly in the water. 3. Activate ERBECRYO 2 for approx. 5 seconds. At a sufficient level of freezing performance, a clearly visible, homogeneous ball of ice must form at the tip of the instrument. No gas bubbles should escape. Never use an instrument if the freezing performance is inadequate or if the instrument is not leak-tight. If an instrument is not leak-tight, there is a risk of a gas embolism.  6 Freezing 3 Connecting the instrument  4 Checking the reusability of the instrument  1. Position the instrument. 2. Press the footswitch. The Freeze mode icon is shown on the display. 3. Carry out the required application. 4. Note the timer setting with the optical and acoustic signals in each case.  7 Thawing   Release the footswitch.  CRYOSURGERY  80114-351  07.16
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