ERBEJET 2 Quick Guide May 2021

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QUICK GUIDE ERBEJET® 2 for surgical applications !  This quick guide is no substitute for briefing and user manual. This quick guide does not include any safety notes. Make yourself familiar with the safety notes in the user manuals.  Necessary operating steps 1 Inserting the suction bag  2 Connecting the vacuum hose  5 Selecting the program  8 Attaching the suction hose to the suction container  1. Use the selection buttons  to select a program. 2. Confirm using the OK selection button.  6 Connecting the applicator  connector and pump cartridge  1. Attach the adapter onto the connection port for the suction hose. 2. Attach the suction hose onto the adapter.  9 Connecting the NaCl solution to the pump cartridge  ESM 2   Connect the applicator connector and pump cartridge. Use aseptic techniques to do so.  3 Switching on ERBEJET 2  7 Inserting the pump cartridge 1. Connect an infusion set to a sterile NaCl solution. Use aseptic techniques to do so.  4 Switching on ESM 2 1. Wait until the ERBEJET 2 display shows Please insert new cartridge!. 2. Slide the pump cartridge into the pump shaft. The pump cartridge must audibly click into place.  2. Open the roller clamp. 3. Fill the infusion tube until it has been fully vented. 4. Close the roller clamp.  HYDROSURGERY  80114-381  2017-02
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