WIPERATOR Mk2 User Manual

User Manual

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Mk2 WIPERATOR Centre for Research on Environmental Microbiology (CREM)  User manual The Wiperator permits consistent testing of the efficiency of wipes by allowing users to control the duration and pressure of test wipings on sample surfaces. During a test a Wipe executes an orbital motion of 10-mm diameter at 1 orbit per second, with its orientation changing by only 6o (similar to a Wipe held in a human hand wiping a larger surface). A single wipe run is 5 sec - by holding the sample in place up to 9 consecutive runs can be made. The default weight for a wipe is 150g and an accessory 150g weight is supplied.  Wiperator loaded with Wipe and Sample Carrier - note the inclined Ramp and recessed Dock -  FILTAFLEX Ltd (613) 256 3066  Almonte  Ontario  Canada Page 1 of 3
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