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WIPERATOR - User Manual FILTAFLEX Ltd , Almonte, Ontario, Canada  Wiperator loaded with Wipe and Sample Carrier - note the inclined Ramp and recessed Dock -  By controlling the applied weight, speed and duration of wiping, the Wiperator permits consistent comparison of the performance of prewetted towelettes when decontaminating surfaces. The action is like a miniature human hand wiping a larger surface - a Wipe makes 10-mm dia orbits at 1 orbit/s, with its orientation changing by about 6o during an orbit. Wipe runs are multiples of 5s, up to 45s. Default weight is 150g; an accessory 150g weight is included. Sample Carriers hold two 10-mm dia disks, to permit immediate testing for cross-contamination. Carriers for fingers are also available. The Wiperator is supplied as a basic instrument, or with optional USB/RS232 interface connectivity to permit custom programming. The system also requires Teflon Wipe Bosses (and O-rings), Sample Carriers (for disks or fingers), and a supply of 10-mm dia disks (usually stainless steel). An optional Wipe Loader facilitates loading Wipes onto Bosses. Page 1 of 4
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