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Optima T100, TC120 Quick Start Guide V1 Jan 2012

Quick Start Guide

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Optima T100, TC120 Quick Start Guide Important Safety Information  Read the full manual before use. Safety may be impaired if it is not followed.  Only connect to the voltage and frequency shown on the serial number plate. An earth is required.  Always ensure the bath is filled with a liquid rated for the working temperature. See manual for liquid selection.  Ensure the T100/TC120 is positioned so that the plug is easily accessible for disconnection.  Before moving or cleaning, allow the unit to cool down and disconnect from the power supply.  Safety can only be assured if the T100/TC120 is securely installed on a suitable vessel. See manual for guidance. 1  5  2  6  3  7  4  8 9  Features 1.  Alarm Light  2.  Display  3.  F (function) Button  4.  Pump Outlet Plate (TC120 only)  5.  Heater On Light  6.  Over-Temperature Dial (TC120 only)  7.  S (select) Button  8.  Dial  9.  Float: low liquid level protection  Setting the temperature 1. Press S: Display will flash  2. Rotate dial to desired temp  Setting the over-temp (TC120 only)  3. Press S to store value  Rotate dial to desired temp cut-out (above set point)  Using the external pump (TC120 only)  Ensure the TC120 is switched off. Connect hoses securely to the pump outlet plate as shown left. Always use pump connectors and hoses that are suitable for the operating temperature and liquid used. Never disconnect any pipes or hoses while they contain very hot or very cold liquids or while the TC120 is pumping.  Safety cut out and alarm light The T100/TC120 is fitted with a float switch which monitors the liquid level during operation. Should the liquid level drop below a certain level, the safety cut out will be activated, and alarm light will appear. Top up the bath with liquid until at least a minimum level to resume operation.  Service Department, Grant Instruments (Cambridge) Ltd Shepreth, Cambridgeshire, SG8 6GB, UK  Cleaning Clean the unit with a damp cloth, using only water. Do not use chemical cleaning agents. Consult manual for full instructions.  T: +44 (0)1763 260 811 F: +44 (0)1763 262 410  Service & repair For service or repair please contact our Service Department or your local distributor. All returned units must be accompanied by a Return Materials Authorisation (RMA) number, obtainable by contacting the Grant service department.  E: W: 30243 V1 Jan 2012
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