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Dimensions  English  1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.  1   mm  mm  15 9   mm  7   mm  3  490 mm  2 D  4   mm  Manual - Carina350EM/EE  • Turning diameter is 1230 mm • The total weight of lift is 33 kg / 73 lbs for EM and 34 kg / 75 lbs for EE • The weight of the heaviest component is 17,5 kg / 38,58 lbs • D is movement in forward direction  5  12 Ready for life is a series of assistive devices that are designed to give users the best possible conditions for living an active life on a daily ba-  8  14. 15. 6  Max. load 165 kg/350 lbs  sis. The products have been specially developed to meet the conditions  The product meets the requirements of the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC.  for homecare and institutional care settings. Ready for life offers the price. The transfer assistive products can be used either independently  Internet: www.handicare.com E-mail: info@handicare.se  Functional inspection Visual inspection 				 Inspect lift functions regularly. Check to ensure that material is free from damage.  Before use: Make certain the lift is properly assembled. Check sling bar connection and safety latch function. Check lifting function and base-width adjustment. Check to ensure that the quick-connecting locking pin for the actuator is correctly installed.  Always read the manual Read instructions for all assistive devices used in connection with transfers: Keep the manual where it is accessible to users of the product. Do not leave the patient unattended during a lifting situation. Under no circumstances may the lift be used by persons who have not received instruction in the operation of the lift.  or as a complement to products in the SystemRoMedic range.  Assembly of Carina350EM/EE Mast with lift arm, lift motor, sling bar and control box. Undercarriage with base-width adjustment motor (EE) or base-width adjustment pedals (EM). Quick-connecting locking pin for mounting actuator. Hand control and cord. Locking handle for mounting mast on undercarriage. Manual and charger.  The lift is collapsed when delivered. Set up the lift, according to the following instructions (no tools required): 1. Lock castor brakes. 2. Loosen the locking handle at the base of the mast (image 1). 3. Pull the mast forward, lift it up and place it in the base. 4. Tighten locking handle (image 1). 5. Loosen the tension strap that holds the lift arm and lift the lift arm up. 6. Remove the actuator from the mount on the mast and move it to the mount on the lift arm (image 2). 7. Check all mounting fixtures and locking handles (images 1 and 2). 8. Release the emergency stop (image 3) and perform a final inspection (see Final inspection). 1  The mobile lift Carina350EM/EE has been developed to, in combination with the right accessories, meet most lifting needs. It is intended for lifting users from a seated or supine position. Carina350EM/EE is collapsible and therefore easy to transport and store. Carina350EM has manual base-width adjustment and Carina350EE has electrical base-width adjustment.  To collapse the lift, follow the instructions below.  Check to ensure that all components are included:  2  11. 12. 13.  11  right quality, the right function and the right performance at the right  Veddestav. 15, Box 640 SE-175 27 Järfälla SWEDEN Tel: +46 (0)8-557 62 200 Fax:+46 (0)8-557 62 299  14  Manual nr: 00881En Ver. 6 101209  350 mm  All measurements are in mm  10.  10  13  Lift arm Mast Handle Control box Emergency stop Rear castors with brakes Sling bar with safety latches Front castors Emergency lowering (manual) Motor/actuator for lifting 		 arm Locking handle Motor for base-width 		 adjustment (EE) Pedal for base-width adjustment (EM) Tension strap Quick-connecting locking pin  1. Lock castor brakes. 2. Run the lift arm to the lowest position, and then press in the emergency stop. 3. Remove the actuator from the lift arm by freeing the quick-connecting locking pin and moving it to the mount on the mast (diagram 4). Make sure the pin is facing the right way up. 4. Lower the lift arm and secure it to the link on the sling bar with the tension strap. NOTE! Warning for risk of pinching (between boom and mast). 5. Loosen the locking handle at the base of the mast (diagram 1). You need not remove the locking handle. 6. Lift up on the mast and lower it towards the undercarriage. 7. Pull the mast back and tighten the locking handle (image 1).  4  Emergency stop  Final inspection Inspect the lift for signs of wear and damage. Check all four castors and castor brakes. Check all connections and fixtures including screws and bolts. Check the packaging to ensure that there are no loose parts. Check emergency stop function by depressing the emergency stop, and then pressing either the up or down button. If nothing happens when the up or down buttons are pressed, the emergency stop is functioning properly. Grasp the hand control, press the up button and run the lift arm all the way up. Then, press the down button and run the lift all the way down. Test base-width adjustment function by pressing the button for basewidth adjustment (model EE). Widen the base to max. width and then press the other button to narrow it again. Test base-width adjustment function on model EM by pushing down on the respective pedals for widening and narrowing the base. Test lift function by lifting a person (not a user) using an approved sling. At the same time, check the emergency lowering function with someone in the lift, see section on Emergency lowering. If the equipment is satisfactory upon inspection, connect the charger to the lift and to a power outlet, and then check to ensure that the charging lamp on the control box lights up.  NOTE! Connection for charger  Before the lift is used for the first time, it must be charged for at least 4 hours. See section on Charging batteries. 3  Keep the manual where it is accessible to users of the product.
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