IOL Cutter Care, Maintenance and Reprocessing Guidelines

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Care, Maintenance & Reprocessing Guidelines for IOL Cutter Symbols Caution consult document for important safety related information Manufacturer This product complies with medical device directive (93/42/ EEC) Batch code  Devices   New reusable surgical instruments are not delivered sterile, and consequently it is necessary to clean and sterilise them properly before use.  Warnings        Protective caps provided with instruments are not suitable for high temperatures and must be removed before sterilisation.  Please note that silver products such as some Cannula and Lacrimal Probes are subject to tarnishing and discolouration. This will in no way affect the performance of the instrument Devices with long, narrow cannula, hinges, blind holes and lumens require particular attention during cleaning. Follow instructions and warnings as issued by manufacturers of any decontaminants, disinfectants and cleaning agents used. Wherever possible avoid mineral acids and harsh, abrasive agents. Instruments must be used for their specified purpose. Incorrect use could damage the instrument Our instruments are designed for use by surgeons, who have a full understanding of their features and how they should be used. Any other use can compromise the safety of the user and the patient. It is the responsibility of the surgeon to choose the suitable instrument for the surgical technique being performed, based on their experience and expertise. Note: When reprocessing medical devices, always handle with care, wearing protective clothing, gloves and eyewear in accordance with Health & Safety Procedures.  JW2015/597 Issue 1  10 December 2015
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