Reusable Ophthalmic Instruments (K1 - K9) Sterilization Instructions

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Sterilization Instructions  Reusable Ophthalmic Instruments (K1-K9)* We recommend that you sterilize your Katena surgical instruments using the steam autoclaving procedure that is regularly used in hospitals and surgery centers. The following table provides the suggested cycles based on AAMI and AORN recommended practices.  Steam Sterilization Cycle  Preparation  Exposure Time (Minimum Time)  Temperature  Drying Time (Minimum Time)  Gravity Displacement  Wrapped  15 minutes  132 ˚C / 270 ˚F  20 minutes  Pre-Vacuum  Wrapped  4 minutes  132 ˚C / 270 ˚F  20 minutes  Pre-Vacuum  Wrapped  3 minutes  134 ˚C / 273 ˚F  20 minutes  Flash/Immediate Use  Unwrapped  3 minutes  132 ˚C / 270 ˚F  N/A  The above parameters and cycles have been validated through an independent FDA-approved third-party laboratory.  Note: Consult the manufacturer of your steam autoclave to confirm appropriate temperatures and sterilization times.		 Other methods, times, and temperatures may also be used, but you must validate any alternate methods.  Here are some additional guidelines for sterilization: l l  		 		 l  		 l  		  Sterilize only instruments that have been cleaned and inspected. Do not use flash sterilization to save time or as a substitute for standard instrument 			 reprocessing. Flash sterilization cycling is designed to manage unanticipated, urgent needs for instruments. Verify that the sterilizer is functioning properly on a regular basis: at least weekly, but more often is preferable. Ensure that preventive maintenance, cleaning and inspection of sterilizers is performed on a 		 scheduled basis, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. * (Exceptions: K1-8500, K2-4900, K2-4912, K2-4920, K2-4921, K2-8210, K3-1750, K5-6025, K8-6100 to K8-6330, K9-6000 to K9-8412)  ®
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