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MATHYS Gripping Head Handle Processing Instructions

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Processing Instruction for Handle with Gripping Head (55.02.0520 – 55.02.0522) The reprocessing of the Handle with Gripping Head (hereinafter: the «instrument») of the RM Classic Cup / RM Pressfit instrument set needs to be performed as followed.  No.  Step  Media  1  The rod with impact plate has to be disassembled from the instrument. The disassembled instrument must be brushed with a plastic brush* and a bottle brush under tap water surface for 2 minutes to remove all visible contamination. All gaps and crevices must be rinsed with a water jet gun (1.5 – 2 bar) for at least 1.5 minute (see pictures step 3).  • Nylon brushes • Tap water • Water jet gun  2  The instrument must be immersed for 5 minutes in a cleaning solution at 40 °C and sonicated at 35 – 47 kHz. Afterwards the instrument must be rinsed unter running tap water.  • Tap water •M  ildly alkaline-enzymatic cleaner 0.5 % Neodisher MediClean forte (v / v) in DI water 3 (≤ 45° C (113° F))  3  Every gap and open space of the instrument but also the gap around the rotation plate must be rinsed with a water jet gun (1.5 – 2 bar) for 10 seconds each (see blue arrows).  • Water jet gun • DI water  4  Make sure that no visible residues are present any longer. If necessary, repeat procedure. If the outflowing water is still discoloured, repeat steps 1 –  3.  • Visually  * Decontaminate brushes after use and sterilise or dispose of them. Do not use steel brushes.  1. Manual pre-cleaning For efficient manual pre-cleaning, the rotating plate in the Gripping Head must be rotated by rotating the rod with impact plate up to the uppermost stop, a quarter turn back and the rotary plate is in the cleaning position. Pictures  • N/A  • N/A
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