Swing Instructions for Use Rev H July 2017

Instructions for Use

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Table of Contents  Product Description  1. Cleaning... 8-13 1.1 Before using for the first time...8 1.2 After each use...8-9 1.3 Sanitize daily...10-11 1.4 Tubing and motor unit cleaning...12-13  Take a moment to read through this entire instruction manual before using this product for the first time.  2. Assembly... 14-21 2.1 Assembly of pump kit...14-17 2.2 PersonalFit™ Sizing...18 2.3 Powering your pump...19-21 		 2.3.1 Power adaptor care...19 		 2.3.2 Battery compartment...20-21  It is best to wait until your breastfeeding routine is established (approximately 4 weeks) before expressing breast milk, unless otherwise advised by your healthcare professional.  3. Pumping... 22-26 3.1 Device operation...22-25 3.2 Mobility...26  2-Phase Expression® technology – research based technology that mimics a baby’s natural nursing rhythm.  4. Storing, Preparing & Feeding Breast Milk...27 4.1 Storing Breast Milk...27 4.2 Preparing Breast Milk...27 4.3 Feeding Breast Milk...27  PLEASE SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS.  Glossary of Terms  Expression Phase – slower sucking/pumping rhythm for gentle and efficient milk removal as quickly as possible. Maximum Comfort Vacuum™ – highest vacuum setting where a mother still feels comfortable during pumping. It is different for every mother. Stimulation Phase – fast sucking/pumping rhythm to stimulate the milk ejection reflex and to start the milk flowing.  5. Troubleshooting... 28-29 6. Supplemental Information...30  Intended Use  7. EMC / Technical Description... 31-37  For lactating women to express and collect milk from their breasts to complement breastfeeding.  8. Technical Specifications / Disposal Guideline...38 9. Warranty...39  If you have medical reasons or other needs for exclusively pumping, it is recommended that you use a hospital grade breast pump such as our Symphony Breast Pump. To learn more, visit us at  Product Description Swing® is a personal use electric breast pump that includes 2-Phase Expression technology and is capable of single pumping.  4  Questions? Visit or call us at 1-800-435-8316.  5
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