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Thopaz Quick Card ™  This Quick Card in no way replaces the Instructions for Use REF 200.0685  Prepare Thopaz for use  2  1 check presence of sealing ring  attach tubing  attach ­c anister  ready for use  Turn Thopaz on Choose patient therapy number  ☛  keep number  new number  ☛  ☛ press power button  ☛  Standby-Mode  therapy number  switch on pressure  Perform functional check  seal off patient tubing (keep sterile)  Data-Mode  Data-Mode  check flow rate  when flow decreases connect patient according to hospital guidelines  Adjust pressure (when pump is running)  ☛ press simultaneously  ☛  ☛  ☛  increase or decrease  ☛  ☛  Data-Mode  or select Gravity mode  confirm with OK  Graph-Mode  Zoom-Mode  ☛  flow scale max. 1000 mL/min  ☛  Data-Mode  ☛  Check therapy progress  flow scale max. 100 mL/min
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