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medicina hospital oral/enteral syringes & nasogastric tubes  Enteral Extension Set 150cm long  Ref: EP150 NHS Code: FWM744  NG tubes safety syringes  Enteral Extension Set 75cm long  Ref: EP075 NHS Code: FWM893  Adult NG Plaster  Ref: NP01  Male Gastrostomy Adaptor  Paediatric NG Plaster  Ref: M19400/V  Ref: NP02  NHS Code: FWM746  short-term infant paediatric nasogastric tubes Tube Description SG4/50 4FR X 50CM SG4/80 4FR X 80CM SG5/50 5FR X 50CM SG5/80 5FR X 80CM SG6/50 6FR X 50CM SG6/80 6FR X 80CM SG8/50 8FR X 50CM SG8/80 8FR X 80CM SG8/120 8FR X 120CM SG10/80 10FR X 80CM SG10/120 10FR X 120CM SG12/80 12FR X 80CM SG14/80 14FR X 80CM WEIGHTED SG6/50W 6FR X 50CM SG6/80W 6FR X 80CM SG8/80W 8FR X 80CM SG10/80W 10FR X 80CM SG12/80W 12FR X 80CM  NHS Code  FWM751 FWM747 FWM752 FWM748 FWM753 FWM749 FWM755 FWM750 FWM754 FWM865 FWM866 FWM867 FWM868 FWM869 FWM870 FWM871  2.5ml 5ml  Ref: PE25  Ref: PE05  NHS Code: FTA040  NHS Code: FTA041  20ml  Milk Straw  NHS Code: FTA044  Ref: C020  Ref: PE20 Ref: PE60 Catheter Tip Syringe 60ml  Singly packed  Ref: M158/1 NHS Code: FWD090  Indicator Strips  Medicines Needle  Enteral Filter  NHS Code: FTA047  NHS Code: FWD077  NHS Code: FVK137  NHS Code: FTA046  60ml  Pack of 8  Ref: M158/8  NHS Code: FTA039  10ml  Ref: PE10  Ref: MN01  Ref: RF01  Ref: IN01 Male/Female Cap NHS Code: FWD089  Ref: EF01  NHS Code: FTA048  250ml capacity NHS Code: FWM997 250ml capacity WIDE BORE  Ref: MED250W  500ml capacity  Bottle Adaptor 14-16mm  Medicines Straw Enteral Drainage Bag  Ref: BA02  Ref: C005  Bottle Adaptor 17-20mm  NHS Code: FVK136  100ml capacity  Ref: BA03  Ref: MED100 NHS Code: FWM996  Ref: MED500 NHS Code: FWM998  Ref: BA01  Ref: BA04  Enteral Drainage Bag  Enteral Drainage Bag  Medicine Bottle Adaptor  Bottle Adaptor 24-26mm  sets & accessories Ref: MED250  NHS Code: FWM745  Ref: 20-110/V  Filter Straw  Ref: PE60B  long-term fine-bore nasogastric tubes  Male Cap  1ml  Ref: PE01  double lumen tubes  Enteral Drainage Bag  Double Lumen Tube  50ml capacity  with external guide-wire  Ref: MED050  Ref: EF2E NHS Code: FWM618  Double Lumen Tube  Tube Description Code NGP6/55 6FR X 55CM NGP6/75 6FR X 75CM NGP6/85 6FR X 85CM NGP8/55 8FR X 55CM NGP8/75 8FR X 75CM NGP8/85 8FR X 85CM NGP8/120 8FR X 120CM NGP10/85 10FR X 85CM NGP10/120 10FR X 120CM WEIGHTED NGP8/85W 8FR X 85CM NGP10/85W 10FR X 85CM  NHS FWM1007 FWM1006 FWM1005 FWM1004 FWM1003 FWM1002 FWM1001 FWM1000 FWM999 FWM882 FWM883  short term wide-bore nasogastric tubes Tube RT6/80 RT8/80 RT10/80 RT12/100 RT14/100 RT16/100 RT18/100 RT20/100  Description 6FR X 80CM 12FR X 80CM 10FR X 80CM 12FR X 100CM 14FR X 100CM 16FR X 100CM 18FR X 100CM 20FR X 100CM  NHS Code  FWM884 FWM885 FWM886 FWM887 FWM888  long term silicone nasogastric/ jejunal tubes Tube SG6/85WSIL SG8/85WSIL SG10/85WSIL  Description 6FR X 85CM 8FR X 85CM 10FR X 85CM  with internal guide-wire  Ref: EF2  NHS Code: FWM617  Double Lumen Neonatal Suction Tube  Ref: NF02  U n i t 2 , R i v i n g t o n V i e w B u s i n e s s Pa r k , S t a t i o n Ro a d , B l a c k r o d , B o l t o n B L 6 5 B N  Te l e p h o n e : 0 1 2 0 4 6 9 5 0 5 0 F a x : 0 1 2 0 4 6 9 7 7 5 5 e m a i l : i n f o @ m e d i c i n a . c o . u k w w w. m e d i c i n a . c o . u k
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