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P700 enternal syringe pump pocket guide

pocket guide

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Unit 2, Rivington View Business Park, Station Road, Blackrod, Bolton BL6 5BN Tel: 01204 695050 Fax: 01204 697755 email:  medicina  The P700 enteral syringe pump has been designed to deliver small volumes of enteral feeds, accurately and safely, using oral enteral syringes  SECURE PUMP POWER ON PRIME SYRINGE CHECK CONNECTIONS INSTALL SYRINGE SET RATE AND DELIVERY VOLUME LIMIT CONFIRM NASOGASTRIC TUBE POSITION START DELIVERY ALARM ‘OVER’ THEN PAUSE  Summary  medicina  enteral syringe pump  Ref:P700  pocket guide Install syringe  Power  Secure the pump  45.0  -  +  ERR  Alarms  45.0  C  AC  ERR This alarm will sound and flash the err message when the pump is not being operated correctly.  This alarm sounds and the light comes on at the end of a delivery.  When the battery is about to become exhausted the low battery alarm will sound.  Start delivery  000.0  45.0  20  This alarm sounds and lights up if the line becomes occluded.  When this light is on the pump is connected to the mains power supply.  Volume delivery and delivery units  45.0  Set Delivery Parameters
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