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Konig Surgical Instruments Standard Laryngoscopes Recommended Cleaning, Sterilization and Instructions for Use

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Standard Laryngoscopes – Recommended Cleaning, Sterilization, and Instructions for Use  Battery Replacement Procedure  Standard Laryngoscope Features These operating instructions pertain to König brand standard laryngoscope systems. These instructions should be followed to ensure the longevity and durability of this product. Please inspect all components before use to confirm all items are present and in perfect working condition. Medline standard laryngoscope blades are manufactured from high quality AISI 303/304 stainless steel which is highly resistant to corrosion and conforms to ISO 7376.  Operating Instructions 1.  2. 3.  Engage the blade by aligning the slot of the blade on to the hook pin of the handle and apply a sufficient force ¼ - 1lb as shown in Figure 1. Apply force upward to bring the blade in operating position as in Figure 2. To bring the blade to standby position, apply force downward as in Figure 2.  *2.5V battery handles can be used with dry batteries as well as rechargeable batteries. NOTE: In accordance with local regulations, rechargeable batteries should be disposed of as an electronic device separately.  Cleaning Procedure Attention: Remove batteries before cleaning, high level disinfection or sterilization of the laryngoscope system. Blades and Handles – Cleaning 1. Immediately after use, the laryngoscope system should be rinsed under cool running tap water until all visible soil is removed. Ensure that all hard to reach areas are flushed with the running tap water. 2. Immerse the sealed laryngoscope system in a presoak enzymatic cleaner solution, prepared in accordance to the manufacturer’s recommendations for a minimum of two (2) minutes. 3. Remove device from enzymatic cleaner solution and rinse with lukewarm running tap water for a minimum of one (1) minute to remove all residues and visible soils. 4. Immerse the device in enzymatic detergent. Remove bottom cap and brush items thoroughly using a soft bristle brush, ensuring all visible soils are removed. 5. Rinse under running reverse osmosis/deionized (RO/DI) water to remove detergent residuals. 6. Dry with a lint free cloth or filtered pressurized air. 7. The bulb may be cleaned with a cotton ball dampened in alcohol (IPA).  Bulb Replacement Procedure 1. 2.  Unscrew the bulb counter-clock wise direction until free as shown in Figure 3. Replace the bulb and verify that the bulb is sufficiently tight before use.  WARNING! Ultrasonic cleaning is strictly prohibited.  11
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