FusionFrame Walkie Pucks Utilization Instructions

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TM  FusionFrame Walkie Pucks Utilization Instructions  Ring Lock System  IMPORTANT: Do NOT sterilize this component Walkie Pucks REF No.  Description  Height without spacer  Height with spacer  F-WP-SP  Short Puck Kit  15mm  35mm  F-WP-TP  Tall Puck Kit  25mm  35mm  WARNING Walkie Pucks are an optional component that may be added to the FusionFrame construct postoperatively, outside of the sterile field, to facilitate offloading of the patient’s foot during ambulation. Under no circumstances should the Walkie Pucks ever be sterilized, nor should they be used or assembled within the sterile field.  What this kit contains: This Walkie Puck Kit includes six (6) units of the Short Puck (F-WP-SP) or six (6) units of the Tall Puck (F-WP-TP) in the following configuration:  10mm Hexagonal Nut  CAUTION: Patients must be instructed to avoid walking on wet, oily, greasy, dusty or otherwise unstable surfaces to prevent slipping and possible injury. Patients must be instructed to exercise caution and common sense whenever standing or walking.  10mm Hexagonal Nut  Removable 10mm Spacer (may be used for an additional 10mm of height)  NOTIFICATION: U.S. Federal Law prohibits the use or sale of this or any other FusionFrame device without physician prescription.  Removable 20mm Spacer (may be used for an additional 20mm of height)  15mm  Short Puck (F-WP-SP)  25mm  Base Assembly (includes plinth, walking tread and threaded element, all molded as a single piece)  Tall Puck (F-WP-TP)  NOTIFICATION: Prior to using the Walkie Pucks, the surgeon must be proficient in the use of the FusionFrame and be familiar with the Operative Technique and all Instructions for Use (IFU).  Fig. 1  Additionally Required Instrumentation: To properly assemble and mount the Walkie Pucks onto the FusionFrame construct, one 10mm Open or Angled Wrench (OW-10 or AW-10, respectively; or a 10mm wrench equivalent) will be needed. The FusionFrame wrenches are not contained in this kit and are supplied separately.  10mm Open Wrench (OW-10)  10mm Angled Wrench (AW-10) Fig. 2
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