Ohio Infant Warmer Systems All Models Operation and Maintenance Manual Nov 1993

Operation and Maintenance Manual

62 Pages

Table of Contents 3.4  Bassinet Operation (model 3500 only) 3-11  3.5  Bed Platform Operation 3-12  3.6  Side Panel Operation 3-13  3.7  X-ray Procedures 3-14  3.8  Oxygen Administration 3-16  3.9  Gas Cylinder Installation and Operation 3-16  3.10 Mounting Accessories 3-18 A. Mounting and Releasing Procedure 3-19 B. Adapter Plate Mounting and Releasing Procedure C. ECMO Adapter 3-20 3.11 ThermaLink Options 3-20 Using the Serial Data Interface 3-21 Using the Nurse CaII System Interface Nurse Call checkout 3-22  3-21  3.12 Rotating Drawer Option 3-22  4KXeaning and Disinfecting 4-1 4.1  Cleaning 4-l  4.2  Wood Surfaces (model 3500 only)  4-2  4.3  Reusable Skin Temperature Probe  4-2  Appendix A-l Temperature Conversion Chart A-l Servo Mode Algorithm A-2 Infant Warmer System Specifications A-2 Electrical A-2 Controller A-3 Alarms A-4 Environmental Specifications A-5 Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) A-6 Mechanical (Without Accessories) A-6 3500 Bassinet A-7 Accessories A-8 Radiant Energy Distribution A-10 Thermalink Option Specifications A-10 Serial data A-10 Nurse CaII specifications A-12 Installing waII mounted units A-13 Pre-Installation Preparation A- 13 Warmer Installation A-14  Warranty W-l  3-19
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