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Quest88 Delta Powered Lift Standing Frame User Instructions Aug 2003

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deltainst.p65/iss:04gj.08/03  deltainst.p65/iss:04gj.08/03  20  Always switch off at the mains before disconnecting the charger from batteries. WARNING - WHEN NOT IN USE, DO NOT - UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES-LEAVE UNIT WITH EITHER MOTOR OR BATTERY CHARGER CONNECTED TO THE BATTERY BOX. FAILURE TO OBSERVE THIS WILL CAUSE BATTERIES TO DISCHARGE AND MAY CAUSE IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE TO BATTERIES. IF THIS SITUATION ARISES PLEASE CONTACT OUR HELPLINE, tel: 01952 463050 WARNING 1.The chargers are designed for use with Quest 88 batteries only. 2.For indoor use only - do not expose to rain or spray. 3.Do not smoke near batteries or use naked flames. 4.Do not obstruct the ventilation slots of the charger or allow objects to rest on the case. 5. Do not attempt to charge non-rechargeable batteries with this charger. 7. Only use the charger to charge the battery unit on the Richter standing frame. 6.Repairs should be carried out by qualified persons only.  Declaration of Conformity Quest 88 Limited as UK & Ireland distributor and accessory manufacturer declares that the DELTA Standing Frame and associated accessories conforms to the requirements of the 93/42/EEC Guidelines as a Class 1 medical device.  Quest 88 limited  Aston Street, SHIFNAL, Shropshire TF11 8DW tel: +44 (0)1952 463050 fax: +44 (0)1952 463077  USER INSTRUCTIONS Delta Powered Lift Standing Frame These are the User instructions for the Delta powered lift Standing Frame, Please read them carefully before the equipment is used and store them in a safe place. Always refer to these instructions before adjusting the set up of the standing frame, or if you feel the frame is not performing properly. These instructions also include a guide to maintenance and general care of the equipment. If followed the Delta Standing Frame will provide trouble free service. However, in the event of any severe deterioration in performance take the equipment out of service immediately and contact Quest 88 limited. Please pay close attention to the lifting unit operation instuctions. Advances to the motor unit means that its operation is different from older Richter Standing Frame lifting units.  The Delta Powered Lift Standing Frame Although there are several configurations in this series of standers, the basic principle behind their use is the same.  REGULARLY AND FREQUENTLY CHECK THE DELTA FOR SIGNS OF WEAR AND TO ENSURE IT IS MEETING THE USER'S REQUIREMENTS  1  This principle involves the user being raised to standing from a sitting position. When the user is sitting, either on a wheelchair or static chair away from the stander, the harness is fitted around their hips and buttocks. The Delta is positioned in front of them and straps from the lifting mechanism are attached to the lifting harness. By blocking the knees against the knee blocks on the stander, positioning the feet on the footboard and lifting the pelvis, the user can be safely raised to standing.  adult  child  length  110  110  width  76  72  footboard to tray height (a)  90-115  75-100  user height (d)  135-210  120-170  product weight (min) product weight with mains motor pack product weight with battery motor pack max user weight  56.5kg  52kg  67.5kg  63kg  82.5kg  78kg  120kg  120kg  Delta Standing Frame ( cm )  There are two lifting systems: Manually Operated features a strap tensioning system which takes up the slack in the sling as the user lifts themself to standing. This system does not actually assist the lift but makes self -lifting safer, as the sling will lock in any position if it is put under tension, allowing the user to rest or re-position their arms during the lift. The Manually Operated Delta is suitable for lower lesion spinal injuries and paraplegics with good shoulder and arm strength who are able to push on the support bars.  Electrically Assisted features a motorized strap adjustment system which is capable of lifting up to 127kg (18 stone). This system will allow those with a moderate level of trunk support to position themselves from sitting to standing and those with very limited trunk support to be guided into standing with attendant assistance. The electrical system comes as a unit which can be switched between mains and battery power. A LEVEL OF SUPERVISION APPROPRIATE TO THE USERS ABILITIES SHOULD BE APPLIED AT ALL TIMES
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