ABL9 Blood Gas Analyzer Competency Test

Competency Test

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Competency Test ABL9 blood gas analyzer  1  Which part on ABL9 blood gas analyzer holds reagents required for calibration and rinse?  a. Sensor cassette b. Solution pack c. Thermal printer d. Display  2  Which port on the ABL9 analyzer is used for connecting the external barcode reader?  a. HDMI port b. Ethernet port c. USB port d. Power pocket  3  Which part on ABL9 analyzer is lifted to aspirate a blood gas sample for analysis?  a. Inlet handle b. Solution pack door c. Sensor cassette door d. Analyzer handle  4  How much time is required to mix a a. 15 seconds QC ampoule on the ABL9 analyzer? b. 10 seconds c. 20 seconds d. 5 seconds  5  Which Menu options should be followed on the ABL9 analyzer to change the Date/Time?  a. Menu > Data communication > Date/Time b. Menu > Activities > Date/Time c. Menu > Analysis > Date/Time d. Menu > Set Up > Date/Time  6  What is the default calibration interval on the ABL9 analyzer?  a. 8 Hours b. 4 Hours c. 2 Hours d. 1 Hour  8  9  What does the double upward arrow highlighted in red in front of a parameter in the sample result indicate?  a. The result for the parameter is OK  When the SC/SP is nearing expiration or soon-to-be-empty, which color does the circle outside the number turns to?  a. Blue  What is the optimal storage temperature for sensor cassettes without lactate on the ABL9 analyzer?  a. -2 - -8⁰ (28.4 - 17.6 °F)  10 Where do you find the lot number of the solution pack?  b. The result lies above the upper critical limit c. The result lies below the lower limit of the reference range d. The result lies above the upper limit of the reference range b. Red c. Yellow d. Orange b. 2 - 8⁰ (35.6 – 46.4 °F) c. 2 - 25⁰ (35.6 - 77 °F) d. 10 - 25⁰ (50 - 77 °F) a. On solution pack b. Consumable status c. General settings d. Both a & b 1. b, 2. c, 3. a, 4. a, 5. d, 6. a, 7. b, 8. c, 9. c, 10. d  7  1/1
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